Ukrainian Disarmament Agreement

The problem is that the Budapest Memorandum is more of a political agreement than a legally binding treaty. This is not to say that countries should take certain measures when they are injured, with the exception of starting talks. On March 24, 2014, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper led the G7 partners to partially suspend Russia`s membership due to Russia`s violation of the Budapest Memorandum at an ad hoc meeting at the Nuclear Safety Summit in The Hague. He said Ukraine had abandoned its nuclear weapons “on the basis of an explicit Russian guarantee of its territorial integrity.” By hurting this guarantee, President Putin provided a justification for those who needed little more than what has already been provided out of pride or mourning to arm themselves to the teeth.┬áMr. Harper also expressed his support for Ukraine by saying he would work with the new Ukrainian government to reach a free trade agreement. [28] Harper succumbed to the October 15, 2015 federal election and resigned as leader of the Conservative Party. In February 2016, Sergey Lavrov said: “Russia has never violated the Budapest Memorandum. When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, it was widely believed that this agreement had been violated. After the shock over the Black Sea this week, Ukraine used the memorandum as a war cry. In response to the crisis, the Ukrainian Parliament invited the signatories of the memorandum to reaffirm their commitment to the principles set out in the political agreement and asked them to hold consultations with Ukraine in order to ease tensions. [26] Ukrainian and Russian officials have reached a number of agreements, including protocols on the dismantling of nuclear weapons, the procedure and the conditions for compensation. However, the two sides failed to agree on the outcome document and the summit ultimately failed. Russian President Vladimir Putin`s statement in 2014 was that the memorandum had been agreed with a former Ukrainian government and was therefore no longer valid.


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