Judgement Shows Agreement About Terrible Mess Crossword Clue

it seems that OFL did not understand the subject well: e-whatever means, ta da – a synonym for “anything” which is only e since vowel.so DELETED SCENE of the author / director / producer ends up in the “waste box”, or perhaps in the bottom of the cutting box by the editor and therefore in the waste box. The topic is not about e-commerce or e-zines or actual e-thingees. I don`t think I`ve seen so much agreement in blog comments. Last but not least, this clusterf@ of a puzzle brought unity to rex Parker`s land. Again in the minority. I`m halfway through the comments and I wonder where all this hatred comes from. I understand OFL`s reaction, it didn`t arrive in less than 3 minutes. But look at the grid. The “theme” answers: Call for an answer that will overlap, that is untabile, unfair or not in the language. “Dnas” because its plural? “enry”, if the index reveals it and we have seen it several times? “edt”, if it`s a Layup? Let yourself take a break. I was happy to only have a Wednesday that brought a fight. Who needs this topic? One last thing. Should we understand that Rex reads and publishes tweets that correspond to him, but that do not bother to read the comments of his blog readers? I totally agree with Rex on that.

It`s not fun at all. My first long entry was 52A, and I was thinking of nailing it. I`ve always loved mercedes e-series cars, maybe one day sigh. The rest, not so simple. There was a regular mess in the northeast. I`ve never heard of THE SECRET. AN ERASED SCENE, right? TERM SHEET, isn`t it? Ooh Yay, I have ENTER HERE. Please make fun of Thursday`s puzzle. “All the signs indicating hearing know that it`s a homophonic clue,” Astle said. @RP: FRESNO is about 62 S-miles from Yosemite. Did he know for many hours until U rode between them, because U was younger and on a bike and tended to get lost often? (Part of the trip would really be uphill, I admit.) But..

M&A agrees with FRESYES. It took dEnsE m&e much more looonger than he should have to catch on the puztheme. {e-book?} = THESECRET meant nuthin for m&e, even after I filled this themer all in. Many precious nenesecends lost. I think it`s real to ride with seven themers that do what these puppies do. [@RP MERCEDESBENZ left for some reason from its blog-themer list?] Machin em everything is understandable if we consider the day work it probably took to dream it. It is a matter of pride. (EMCEED may also qualify as a long-term btw themer candidate, technically speaking.) Leads to a mustache charge of E`s [44!], plus a beautiful spot-o despair, of course. Personal weeject Pick, luvinly from a magnificent selection of 26: OOX. I seemed to be a real favorite of the public here.

Many usually e-friendly people opened fire voluntarily, on good old OOX. EMCEED = {E-accountant?} . . . . .

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