Fictitious Name Agreement Pa

“Trade name.” A word, name, symbol, apparatus or combination of that used by a person to identify the person`s business, vocation or profession and distinguish it from the activity, vocation or profession of another. c) Section 311(f) (with respect to required permissions) is applicable to any change that has the effect of changing the fictitious name as it has been registered so far. In all the circumstances referred to in this paragraph, any person may lodge an application for cancellation with the Division. The petition shall contain the relevant facts related thereto and shall contain proof of service of the notification of the petition on the person in who`s name of the registration is registered and of the cancellation of that registration. The division shall set a time limit for the hearing of the parties concerned in the case and shall send, by registered letter, a communication to the person on who who is registered in who`s name the registration is registered. If, after consultation, the Division is satisfied that the facts alleged in the petition are true in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, they shall cancel the registration. Iv.1. That the trade mark is or has become the generic name of the goods or services or part thereof, as long as it has been registered. However, some people may not want their fictitious name to be exactly the same as someone else`s, so in these cases, we recommend finding a new name, adding or changing a word to make your fictitious name clearer. (b) Any subsequent change to the age of majority.-Any minor child whose surname has been changed pursuant to point (a) to the age of majority is also entitled to the benefits of Article 702 (relating to the modification by court order).

(6) A statement that the applicant is familiar with the provisions of Section 332 (regarding the effect of the registration) and understands that filing under the Fictitious Names Act does not create an exclusive or other right in the fictitious name. (4) The name and address, including street and house number, if any, of any person interested in such a transaction or any other activity. 1. The court may order a change of name for a person convicted of a criminal offence, subject to the provisions of subsection (2), if: Note: If your fictitious name belongs to 2 or more persons, you must indicate the names and addresses of all the owners. (a) General rule.–A fictitious name may be registered under this Chapter by submitting to the Division an application for registration of a fictitious name, which shall be executed as provided for in subsection (d) and which provides: (6) In the case of a limited partnership or a limited liability company subject to 15 Pa.C. Ch. 86 (in the case of limited partnerships) or 88 (in the case of limited liability companies), the name of the partnership or partnership as indicated in the certificate of the limited partnership, the deed of organization or the declaration of registration as a foreign association. (5) In the case of a business trust which is subject to the condition of 15 Pa.C.S. .

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