Zoom Free License Agreement

1.11. “Privacy Statement” refers to Zoom`s privacy policy, which is available under zoom.us/legal, as it can be updated from time to time. 2.5. If Zoom believes, at its sole discretion, that the licensee has violated a clause, condition or spirit of this Agreement or the ECJ or attempted to violate the license granted to the licensee under this Agreement, may be temporarily or permanently revoked with or without prior notification to the licensee. Welcome to the Zoom Legal Center. The information provided here is intended for Zoom users who have questions about our terms, policies and compliance. If you have any questions, please contact us at legal@zoom.us 20.1 Choice of Law and Forum. This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of California and is interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California, as they apply to agreements concluded and executed in California by residents of California. With the exception of Schedule A, the parties to the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the state courts in Santa Clara County, California, and the federal courts of the Northern District of California agree. 3.

Charges3.1. Zoom may charge for access and use of materials, as noted with zoom.us, in the marketplace or in other contractual documents allowing access to materials. Zoom reserves the right to pay, including pricing at its sole discretion. Zoom will make reasonable economic efforts to inform developers before changing fees. You will not share, borrow or pass on your GSUSA ZOOM license or username and password to third parties, except for your GSUSA administrators or administrators who need it to restore it for you, or who may need to track or review your use of the GSUSA ZOOM LICENSE. This is a unique license only for your use. Zoom service interruptions that affect major campus stores or are identified as having an impact on a department or the entire campus will be responded by the Zoom Service team as soon as they become aware of the outage. For more information on Zoom outages, see status.zoom.us/ 2.4. The licensee grants Zoom a free, fully paid, global, transferable, irrevocable, irrevocable and unlimited license to integrate it into the service or equipment, or any other suggestion, request for improvement, recommendations or other feedback that Zoom receives from the licensee. The GSUSA ZOOM license is provided “AS IS” and “as it is available” and, to the widest possible extent permitted by law, without explicit or unspoken guarantees, including, but not limited to, tacit guarantees of accessibility, adequacy to a particular purpose, title and non-counterfeiting. We do not assure or guarantee that: (a) the GSUSA ZOOM LICENSE is safe, error-free or timely; (b) LICENCE ZOOM still operates without delays, interruptions, interruptions or inadequacies; or (c) the GSUSA ZOOM license will meet your needs, get results, be compatible or work with other software, applications, systems or services, meet performance or reliability standards or be error-free, or errors or errors may be or will be corrected.

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