Onetrust Data Processing Agreement

Know your data using AI-based data identification technology to find computer systems and identify and classify data through flexible risk assessments and methods, to ethically assess your data processing and identify, track and reduce risk. Do an availability assessment to identify areas that already stick to the RGPD, followed by a risk assessment, for example. B Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA) to identify and analyze the potential effects of data protection risks and problems for consumers and their businesses. These assessments contribute not only to the development of a compliance action plan, but also to the company`s protection against future risk management activities. After the European Court of Justice put the EU-US data protection shield out of place in C-311/18, OneTrust LLC will no longer rely until further notice on the EU-US data protection shield as an international data transmission mechanism. However, OneTrust LLC will continue to ensure that their self-certification is maintained in accord with the principles of the EU-US Data Protection Shield and that its principles are respected until further notice as an additional measure to protect the privacy of its users. A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that asks a website – when visited by a user – to store information on your device, such as.B. Your language preference or login information. These cookies are specified by us and called first party cookies.

Depending on which sites you visit, we can also use third-party cookies – cookies from a domain other than the one you`re visiting, for our promotional and marketing efforts, as well as to understand your browsing of the site (for example. B which page you visit or how long you stay on each page). In particular, we use cookies and other tracking technologies to: In addition, companies need to check their data and service providers to understand what they are collecting, how they are processed, how they are circulating and which of their suppliers are using that data. This step will help small businesses obtain a unique and up-to-date source of truth for all personal data held in the business. This inventory will help identify other companies and organizations that control, process or store personal data on behalf of their own business, in addition to data allocation, and provide insight into internal and external data flows across the organization. A processing manager refers to the agency responsible for determining the purpose and legal basis for processing personal data.

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